Awesome new shirts

June 29, 2007


Will Kier whipped up a great design for our new studio tee shirts. Not bad, eh? He also made a full-color version on a white tee shirt.

Ever wondered what the inside of a video game looks like?, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

It’s full of triangles.

We would love to show more, but since we’re only a few months into production, all of the in-game stuff is still pretty primitive, just the bare skeleton of the game to come. Block-out levels and a basic set of enemies for testing game flow with on-screen text as placeholder for cinematics and such: it would be counterproductive to show any of that at this early a date. It would misrepresent the final product. Red Fly Studio was founded by artists, and no artist wants to show his work in progress. We still have over a year until we ship!

But we do like to give little peeks here and there, and as I’m laying out the nav mesh for this scene, it strikes me that the guts of a video game are pretty unexciting.

The only flashy images we have to show this early are concept art, some of which you’ve already seen. More will be released in the coming months as we develop it, and after that, you’ll start seeing some in-game shots that better represent the forthcoming game.

Even more interviews!

June 7, 2007

Even more interviews!, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

We still have some seats to fill. New candidates are performing quite well.