Our concept artist Frank Teran recently informed us that his uncle built a rocketpack. Really! Watch the brief documentary. This should give some slight hint as to the mindset that gave birth to the Mushroom Men.

Sierra showed off its upcoming line of new releases last week. Featured prominently was Ghostbusters.

Joystiq remains cautiously optimistic.

Kotaku had nice things to say as well.


April 24, 2008

Collaboration, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

It’s always been important to this studio to foster as much collaboration as possible. The work area is a large, open pit. Artists, animators, programmers, and scripters are always right there when needed. If there is any question about a needed asset or technique, the answer is easy to find.

Although extremely powerful, the Infernal Engine’s particle editor Trifecta is simple enough at its core that the artists and scripters can generate effects specific to their environments and characters.

Warik at Typing Loudly gets Mushroom Men. We love it when people understand what we’re doing here.

Do you know what a whamola is? Les Claypool does. So does Kevin Barnett.

GBFans.com posted many, many photos of a neat event Vivendi held in Minnesota promoting the upcoming Ghostbusters game. Behold: The Ecto-1

Let the nerdgasms erupt!

Tech and game sites like Boing Boing and Kotaku and many others were all over it.

Audio discussion

April 17, 2008

Audio discussion, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

Talking about groundtypes and footsteps with the Okratron guys in their dark and moody offices.

The results of Chad’s trip out to California last week continue to show up across various sites, and the recent announcement of Les Claypool’s involvement in the project has introduced our games to an entirely different set of fans!

GoNintendo refers to a 1UP article with enthusiasm.

The aforementioned 1UP article.

Our friends at Random Encounters commented on our latest press release.

As mentioned previously, Les Claypool’s involvement in the project is bringing us to the attention of an entirely new fan base. Revolt Music Magazine reported the news.

As did the Stranded in Stereo blog.

The center of our thus-far-unused second pit area is dominated by this cozy little seating area, an ideal place for quick, casual meetings.

One of the new meeting spaces in the new office
A nice feature of the new office is several brightly-lit conference rooms.

Producer Chad Barron spent the week in San Francisco showing off Mushroom Men DS to all the major media out there. Here are the first few posts resulting from his press tour.

Gamervision’s posted their interview with Chad on episode 10 of their SomethingCast podcast.

GamesRadar gives their positive hands-on report.


IGN got their hands on this early version of the game, too. It’s good to hear that all the concerns of the reviewers are issues we’re already working to address before release.


Destructoid seems pretty jazzed about the Les Claypool news, too.


Speaking of Destructoid, how did I miss these great previews last month?