Duels Blog points out a discovery that more and more people are making the longer Mushroom Men is on the shelves: It’s a lot of unexpected fun. duelsblog
Kotaku posted some new screenshots of Ghostbusters for the Wii and DS. Have a look-see. kotaku.jpg
hdr Even though the Wii version of Ghostbusters is pretty specifically not high-def, the HDRoom recognizes that the unique control scheme might render the reduced graphical statistic not that big a deal.
The Wired Blog highlights the specific details of each image.
We can always count on GoNintendo to point people to our games.
Co-Optimus prefers our flavor of Ghostbusters because it features true multiplayer co-op.cooptimus
nerve_blogs Derrick Sanskrit at 61 Frames Per Second on the Nerve blogs posted a superb write-up of what he saw of Ghostbusters at the New York Comic Con.
The article by David Oxford at Kombo.com is a nice companion piece to Derrick’s article.
Tracey John reports extensively on the NYCC showing of Ghostbusters for MTV Multiplayer.

Jim “txshurricane” McLaughlin points at the MTV Multiplayer article, specifically showing enthusiasm for the multiplayer aspect of Ghostbusters on the Wii.

GameZombie interviewed producer Chad Barron and reports:

Mushroom Men is as Trippy as You Would Expect.


Press X To Win speaks very highly of Mushroom Men in their review.

pop311 at the Cheap Ass Gamer forum calls Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars: “… the best game of 2008.” Splendid!

More Mushroom Men goodness

February 12, 2009

Now that the holiday rush has subsided and the big mega-games have come and gone, Mushroom Men seems to be getting a little more attention. Peter Rizkalla at Animation World Magazine makes this point well, saying of Mushroom Men:

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is definitely a winner for Wii owners. The catchy beats and beautiful designs give it its own feel and the gameplay is fun and solid.

New Mushroom Men reviews

February 10, 2009

It’s been a while since anyone has written up a review on Mushroom Men, but here are a couple of new articles.

Steven Marsh at Cosmos Gaming really enjoyed the game. cosmosgaming
giantbomb Ryan and Jeff at Giant Bomb did a full video review of the game. Awesome!

A couple of additional, extensive articles about Ghostbusters have posted.

Infendo dug in deep and got the full hands-on Ghostbusters experience.

Alex Riviello at CHUD enjoyed the demo he played.


Marc Normandin at Blast enjoyed his experience with Ghostbusters.


New York Comic Con Recap

February 9, 2009

Josh Parker, Cinema & Effects Artist at Red Fly Studio, reported back from his adventure to the New York Comic Con where he and James Clarendon demoed the Wii version of Ghostbusters the Videogame for the press and fans.

Trip Recap

Comic Con was absolutely great to go to. I feel extremely fortunate for this opportunity.  The day is long and your feet are bleeding inside your shoes by the end of the day, but just getting to see fan’s faces playing the game you’ve helped to create makes it more than worth it.

nycc21Friday was press-only for the first half of the day (10am to 1pm), James meeting me at the hotel and the two of us walking west to the Javits convention center there in Manhattan…I think it was around 8 or 9 blocks, but being a noob to New York I liked the chance to look around as we walked along.

We met up with Glenn Gamble (Lead Environment Artist and FX Artist) from Terminal Reality. Nice guy, very energetic and bouncing all over the place during his demos. For whatever reason TRI had sent only him, which made his day absolute hell. It was really, really busy splitting everything between James and myself, but poor Glenn had both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions up on screens he had to dance between. glenn_file

Saturday was wide open to the public, and James and I were surprised to find a 400 pound block of ice sculpture showing Slimer above the Atari logo.  It turned out to be a smash hit with all of the fans coming by and taking pictures posing with it (or licking it).  Slimer’s arm ended up falling off that evening once it thinned down from melting.


Player Reactions

Reactions were extremely positive. The second they did the bowling gesture with the nunchuck to throw the trap out, their faces lit up. Several people thanked Red Fly for making this game, saying how long they’ve waited for something like this to happen: Guys our age and younger, little kids that know the franchise from their parents, moms asking a lot of questions and excited the Wii version was a more viable alternative for their kids to play on.  It was great!



There were a lot of fans there, more Ghostbusters walking around than any other single franchise there (wel, maybe a tie with Star Wars).  I got some pics of everyone that came by dressed up, but I ended up missing a good dozen or so.

nycc_fans1 nycc_fans2 nycc_fans3
nycc_fans4 nycc_fans5 nycc_fans61 nycc_fans7