Special thanks to Dan Schoening

June 23, 2009

Dan Schoening is a very good artist. Recently, it has come to our attention that he was left out of the credits for Ghostbusters Wii.

Dan does some really kick ass art that can be found on this site:


Several people have emailed our site saying we stole this and that from Dapper Dan but we’ve made it a point to engage and appease him several times.

While it is true his name got left off the credits for Ghostbusters Wii. It wasn’t malicious or intentional – it just happened. The credit list was very long and convoluted since Sony, Vivendi (now Activision-Blizzard), and Atari had to come before us.

So we are putting up this blog entry to say:

“Dan, we are sorry you were left out of the credits. Your fan art inspired us to make a game that people are responding well to. We want to thank you and recognize your talent and contribution to the process.”

– Dan Borth CEO Red Fly Studio

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