The Nintendo Okie blog like Ghostbusters for the Wii.

“They decided to forgo the realistic look of the Xbox and PS3 versions of the game in favor of a more cartoonish look… and it pays off.”


When Food Network hosted an event to highlight our upcoming title Cook Or Be Cooked, they invited several foodie bloggers to see what the game is all about. They really understand what we’re doing:

“… this is a great way for a newbie chef to practice and get a feel for the kitchen and recipe. They could mess up without suffering any real consequences.”



Justin at Pure Nintendo shares his encouraging thoughts on his experience with Ghostbusters for the Wii.

An odd side-effect of working on this game for Namco and the Food Network is that our studio shows up on very non-gamer websites like Epicurious, a foodie website “for people who like to eat.” In a recent event, Food Network’s Iron Chef Michael Symon cooked in real life alongside our game, and the results were remarkably parallel. Epicurious’ Michael Y. Park seemed impressed with his hands-on experience.

An interesting article from posted on sheds some additional light into the primary reason our publishers decided to make a game based on a 25-year-old movie.
Mike Suszek posted his review of Ghostbusters for the Wii on TheWiire. He appreciates the game’s style, saying:

“Each bit of the game oozes catchy style and well-toned colors.”