Zoey Sachs gives a positive review for Cook or Be Cooked in the New York Post.

As has become common in reviews of this game, I’m constantly surprised by the angles from which the game are approached.

“… this game is paradise for those who find cooking therapeutic.”

After a long exclusivity period, the versions other than the PS3 are available worldwide.

DS-X2 reviewer Chris Coyne reports on his experience.


“With a fantastic art style, audio work that puts many games to shame and decent gameplay, Red Fly Studios can be happy with what they’ve achieved here.”

Nintendo World Report’s Neal Ronaghan wrote a good review of Cook or Be Cooked.

“There might be some games in the genre out there with more content, but I doubt they are as enjoyable as Cook or Be Cooked.”

A fascinating article by Jonathan Holmes at Destructoid talks about No More Heroes HD. He points to Mushroom Men (among other games) as an example of the sort of game that could only sprout on the Wii.

“With the success of NMH came many other punk rock Wii exclusives: games like Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Mushroom Men, MadWorld, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, House of the Dead: Overkill, Little King’s Story, A Boy and His Blob, the Bit.Trip series, and many others. Some of them made money, and some of them didn’t, but that doesn’t even really matter. The point is that they still were permitted to come into existence, and that’s something that could have only happened on the Wii.”

More Cook or Be Cooked press

November 22, 2009

Gail Ciampa, Food Editor for the Providence Journal, gives high praise to our unconventional game.
CNET’s review of the game is extremely thorough. Reviewer Shaun McInnis understands our goal, identifying Cook or Be Cooked as:
“… a game that will leave you eager to test out what you’ve learned in a real kitchen.”
Fights with Fire (AKA Christin Deville) at Game Vortex enjoyed Cook or Be Cooked, giving high praise to the graphics and summarizing:


“Cook or Be Cooked provides a fun cooking experience that just might provide you with a few real life cooking tips as well.”

Reviews for Cook or Be Cooked

November 10, 2009

Jessica at Small Screen Scoop enjoyed her experience with Cook or Be Cooked.

“Overall, it was a catchy game and hard to put down once you started playing.”

Since CoBC isn’t a traditional “hard-core” game, it shows up in some pretty interesting places like MomLogic. momlogic

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Reality Check

November 4, 2009

Gamespot’s Reality Check puts Cook or Be Cooked to the test versus a real kitchen. Neat video!

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November 3, 2009

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