Fan mail is good for the soul

December 21, 2009

It’s always a delight to hear from people who enjoyed our games.

Dear Red Fly Studio team,

I usually don’t write this kind of e-mail, so I kinda don’t know how to put this – I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed playing your two “Mushroom Men” games. I was fascinated by the great character design since I first saw preview pictures on the net. When I recently found out the game had been released for Nintendo’s Wii console in spring, I went straight to the store and got it… and I loved every minute! 🙂

What a fantastic world you have created there. It’s been quite a while since I couldn’t let go of a game until I had finished it (mind you, I’m in my 30s and probably not your ‘core’ target group), but there was just so much to discover. With its detailed graphics, the fantastic tracks by Les Claypool, this game literally screams “labor of love” at the player.

Immediately after I had finished the Wii game, I bought the DS prequel, just to spend a little more time in the world of the “Mushroom Men”.

From what I have read on the internet, the two “Mushroom Men” games have received a lot of flack from the press, so I just thought I let you know how much I enjoyed these titles. Thank you very much for making them – I really hope I will get a chance to experience more “Mushroom” adventures on my Wii or the DS in the not-to-distant future.

Greetings from Munich,

Ninjas in the kitchen

December 7, 2009

Loot Ninja’s BJ Schwinghammer rates Cook Or Be Cooked 3 out of 5. While he is an old-school hard-core gamer, he also likes to cook, so there was just enough appeal to cross the boundaries. He points out an important fact about the game:
“… although this game lacks mass appeal, it does what it does admirably.”

We knew from the beginning that this title would not fit into any existing genres. That’s why we’ve had far more reviews in local newspapers and cooking magazines and blogs than in game periodicals or websites. But for the most part, those people who give it a try tend to genuinely enjoy the time they spend in our kitchen.