Though the game has been out for a while, people are still discovering how much fun Ghostbusters for the Wii is. Coffee With Games gives a pretty thorough review of his experience with the game.

Jack Rossi of JRR Design put his creative juices to work constructing a most impressive Wii accessory.

Everyone who tries Ghostbusters for the Wii enjoys their experience. They’re still writing about it even now.
Mayann Johanson comments on her experience at

After a long exclusivity period, the versions other than the PS3 are available worldwide.

DS-X2 reviewer Chris Coyne reports on his experience.


“With a fantastic art style, audio work that puts many games to shame and decent gameplay, Red Fly Studios can be happy with what they’ve achieved here.”

Game On Austin

October 16, 2009


In case you missed it last night, Red Fly was one of many studios participating in Game On Austin last night. We showcased Ghostbusters and Cook or Be Cooked for the Wii. The event was open to the public, and many people got to have hands-on experience with our latest videogames.

Grace and Tim get everything set up Red Fly's setup at Game On Austin
The crowd gathers Ghostbusters and Cook or Be Cooked drew a sizable crowd

Everyone loves busting ghosts

Long time, no post

October 6, 2009

Red Fly Studio hasn’t been making much noise on the internet lately. All of our announced titles have shipped, and as is common in this industry, our next project(s) can’t be discussed until they are formally announced.

But here are some new, positive words about Ghostbusters from JennCutter‘s blog. It’s great to see people are still enjoying it! Even though she played the Xbox 360 version first, Jenn gives a balanced review of the Wii version on its own merits.

I consider it a whole new game, really. I know where the game is headed, of course, but it feels new and fresh. I think having some time away from my obsession with the 360 version certainly helps avoid comparing them directly.

The two articles discussing Ghostbusters are here and here.

The Nintendo Okie blog like Ghostbusters for the Wii.

“They decided to forgo the realistic look of the Xbox and PS3 versions of the game in favor of a more cartoonish look… and it pays off.”


Justin at Pure Nintendo shares his encouraging thoughts on his experience with Ghostbusters for the Wii.

An interesting article from posted on sheds some additional light into the primary reason our publishers decided to make a game based on a 25-year-old movie.
Mike Suszek posted his review of Ghostbusters for the Wii on TheWiire. He appreciates the game’s style, saying:

“Each bit of the game oozes catchy style and well-toned colors.”