Red Fly Studio is seeking Programmers to work full time on various AAA console action/adventure titles.


Senior Programmers are expected to have the following qualifications:

  • Fluency in C++
  • A solid understanding of 3D Math
  • Ability to inherently think algorithmically
  • Ability to cleanly architect code that others can use in the long term
  • Ability to understand the implications of C++ code at the hardware level
  • Passion for games with a sense of game design
  • Ability to proficiently communicate with others on code, workflow, and design topics

To contact us about this position, send an email including your resume and any applicable demo reels or web links to:

Located in downtown Austin, Texas, Red Fly Studio was founded in 2005 by veterans of the gaming industry with at least ten years of experience that includes titles such as Star Wars Galaxies, BloodRayne, Nocturne, FIFA Football 2005, Anachronox, SSX3, and Gears of War.In addition to being a solidly funded studio made up of mostly industry veterans, Red Fly offers competitive salaries and benefits as well as an incentive program for every employee who seeks to advance their career within a studio that supports their growth as a game developer. We value quality of life in and out of the workplace, and this is reflected in how seriously we take our production methodology as well as how we treat our people, who run the spectrum from being family-oriented to being… other things.Austin is the coolest city in Texas for its uniquely non-Texas vibe. Whether you’re into live music, art, or outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in Austin.

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