November 2008

The Austin Chronicle ran a pair of features about Red Fly Studio and our on-site audio crew, Gl33k. screens_feature1-1 screens_feature2-2

The latest Art of Mushroom Men video features the Bad Guys, Amanita and Lepiota Mushroom Men. See it on GameTrailers. artofmm_badguys

The Los Angeles Video Game Examiner has Mushroom Men listed in the “Best games for the holidays” section. examiner

Catchy article title at That Videogame Blog. Sounds like they have high hopes for Mushroom Men!

GameTrailers has two exclusive videos up today. One is a brief little teaser, and the other is a behind-the-scenes “Art of Mushroom Men” feature. gt_teaser gt_art_good


/gamer reminds everyone that Mushroom Men is one of the few remaining platformer games for the Wii.

Wiifanboy reports on the last batch of Mushroom Men weapons, focusing on the “Radical” category.


The Examiner includes Mushroom Men in a list of 5 games not to overlook this holiday season. examiner In a similar vein, GamerTell encourages people to not let either the Wii or DS version of Mushroom Men slip under the radar. gamertell

Word has hit the streets that Mushroom Men for the Wii and DS have been delayed a few weeks. Shack news reported that along with some pretty new screencaps and Matt Piersall’s audio developer diary.


Personally, I like Marco Halili’s take on it at

…it will give multi-console owners like myself ample time to plow through some bigger releases like LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2.

That’s an excellent point!

Chelsea Thompson at Ripten raved about Matt’s description of the audio in Mushroom Men. It sounds like the audio reached into her brain when she had a hands-on session with the game but didn’t immediately register as something out of the ordinary. Matt always says that the best audio goes unnoticed. Bad audio sticks out and jars the players ears while the absence of audio leaves a gap that most people register subconsciously without necessarily understanding why. But good audio simply fills that niche in the player’s mind and makes the entire experience more complete. From Chelsea’s description, the latter holds true for Mushroom Men.

Wiifanboy needs to check their calendar. Technically, we’re still shipping in the fall. 😉 I refer back to Kombo’s post: Use the spare time we’re giving you to get through Fallout 3 and Fable 2. Then, you’ll be ready for a brand-new experience on the Wii when Mushroom Men hits the shelves. You won’t be disappointed.


DSFanboy talks about the matching delay for the DS version, as well.

They sound a bit skeptical, but we’re sure once Chris, Jinny and Ross at the Weekly Geek Podcast get their hands on Mushroom Men, they’ll enjoy it. They talk about Mushroom Men (focusing on the metronome and music) at about the 22 minute mark.

DS Fanboy posted their final glimpse at the weapons that can be built in Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi.

The fifth Mushroom Men Developer Diary for features Gl33k’s front-man Matt Piersall, describing all the nitty gritty details of the unique audioscape for the game.


As you can see in the comments below this article on WiiFanboy, I discuss the use of minigames in Mushroom Men’s Gallery level as a little playscape to provide activity while listening to the Les Claypool tracks on the jukebox.


The final True Game Headz interview with James Clarendon features one of the later levels in the game.

October 2008

I seriously never expected to paste the NPR logo into one of these blog entries, but a feature about independent gaming ran on All Things Considered, so here we are.

MTV focuses on the expansive underlying musical influence of Les Claypool and the game’s 120 bpm soundtrack that infuses the entire gameplay experience of Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars.

Today’s post on True Game Headz steps away from showing gameplay footage and instead delves into designer James Clarendon’s head to get a sense for where all this wackiness came from.

WiiFanboy posted a new batch of screenshots highlighting some of the bizarre weapon combinations available in Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars. My personal favorite (not just because it’s the most powerful) is the one in which Pax suspends a marble in front of a laser pointer on a twisted paper clip. The marble focuses the beam of light, creating a “laser sword” of sorts.


Fawlcon_Pawnch, our new favorite poster at the Gamespot forums, showed some love yesterday by starting a splendid thread about Mushroom Men to stir things up.

Chelsea Thompson posted the Spore Wars Boss Fight press release at Ripten and added her own spin from her hands-on experience with the game.

The latest episode of True Game Headz’ series of video interviews with James Clarendon is up now. He’d advanced on to the Morel Airship level. In the process, he shows how a second player can pick up a Wii Remote and join in the fun. This sequence also features a retro-themed side-scrolling section of gameplay.

MTV Multiplayer has been following Mushroom Men’s development pretty fervently. It helps that mega star Les Claypool provided music for the game. In this brief interview, MTV explains how everything came together just right for Les to work with us.

In an insightful article on MTV Multiplayer, Tracey John explores the current trend in games to step away from the traditional Game Over screens. One example of such a game is Mushroom Men. It’s so awesome to see articles written about the videogame industry using our game as a point of reference!

True Game Headz continues to post their series of video interviews with James Clarendon. Today’s video shows some additional powers and a mini-boss fight.

Interactions Design Lead James Clarendon delves deeper into the guts of Mushroom Men, this time focusing on boss fights and other special interactions in the fourth Developer Diary for


He also showed Mushroom Men to the guys at True Game Headz. The first entry in what will become a series of live play-throughs focuses on the game’s introduction and tutorial level.

Wiifanboy posted the True Game Headz developer walkthrough video with their own enthusiastic feedback and several links to previous articles that further reinforce the demo James gave.

More images and descriptions of Mushroom Men DS hit the web today. JC Fletcher at DSFanboy shows some shots of the remarkable scav system in Rise of the Fungi. Due to the more RPG-like, systemic nature of the enemies and gameplay in the DS version of the game, the scav system for the handheld goes a step beyond the Wii version, allowing for hundreds of combinations and employing elemental strengths and weaknesses in every incremental upgrade.

Interactions Design Lead James Clarendon delves into some of the core mechanics of gameplay including Camera, hero death and the influences of old-school games on the design of Mushroom Men in the third Developer Diary for

james.jpg asked us some questions about Mushroom Men.

Mike “Two Tone” McConnell at DEN got his hands on Mushroom Men for the DS and Wii. Read his reactions.

GoNintendo was one of the first to post the latest images and info we released.

Video Game Toys posted a couple of articles about some of the cool, real-life, tangible paraphernalia available to fans of Mushroom Men.

Gamecock sent out a bundle of screenshots and info about the weapon system in the DS version of Mushroom Men. Various sites picked it up, including GoNintendo. It shows a small example of how expansive the weapon crafting system is in the DS version of the game.

Lead Programmer and Combat Designer Kain Shin further details the combat experience in Mushroom Men in the second Developer Diary for

Oh, and as always, your enthusiasm is noted and appreciated, GoNintendo. 🙂

GamesRadar includes Mushroom Men on their list of “Best games still to come in 2008.”


GameTrailers got their hands on a couple of new exclusive Mushroom Men gameplay videos. First is a collection of activities from the Morel Backyard level.

In the next clip, featuring the Earth Shiitake, notice the example of two-player cooperative gameplay. Player two (the yellow reticle) can grab objects in the environment and throw them at enemies using Sporekinesis while player one performs melee attacks and blocks the opponent’s attacks.

N-Europe featured a batch of new Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi (DS) screenshots.

Another nice preview comes to us courtesy of Games Abyss.

I’ve watched the Totally Rad Show since it’s debut episode a few years back. It’s awesome to hear Alex, Jeff and Dan talk about Mushroom Men! Watch the whole episode, because it’s cool. But if you’re in a hurry, the Mushroom Men chat is around 37 minutes into the show after the Velvet Assassin preview. It’s brief, but the guys are enthusiastic.

Marc Normandin at Chibi Gamer was first drawn to Mushroom Men by the announcement of Les Claypool’s involvement in the soundtrack. Since then, he’s come to like what he sees of the unique art style and has high hopes for the game.

Lead Programmer and Combat Designer Kain Shin describes the process we went through developing the fighting mechanics for Mushroom Men. As an action platformer, combat plays an important role, and Kain was the driving force behind adding depth and variety to Pax’s battle capabilities.

Daniel Golding at PALGN in Australia has crafted a delightful preview of Mushroom Men.

Several sites carried the new screenshots we released into the wild last week.


September 2008

A year and a half ago, I showed Frank Teran’s original concept art for Mushroom Men to Adam Sessler at the Game Developer’s Conference, and since then he’s been hooked. His enthusiasm for the style and concept of Mushroom Men was evident. Last night, he finally got to play the game, and he talked to Chad Barron about it on X-Play.

It’s just a list, but N-Europe highlights Mushroom Men as a game that interests them.

The Indie Game Developer’s Podcast interviewed Ryan and Kain at AGDC last week. Kain: Ryan: Tom East at the Official Nintendo Magazine enjoyed Mushroom Men. Read all about it!

Our friends at GoNintendo noticed, too.

Newsarama posted an interview with Programmer/Designer James Clarendon last week at the Nintendo Power event. Today they report on their hands-on experience with Mushroom Men (and other titles).

Newsarama interviewed Programmer/Designer James Clarendon at the Nintendo Power event last week.

A brief blurb on Gamespy describes Mushroom Men.

Nintendo Gal saw Mushroom Men at PAX this year and had a fun time exploring the giant world of man from the Mushroom Man perspective.

Not entirely sure how we ended up here, but we enjoy any press!

Scroll down until you see the photo of uncomfortable designer/programmer James Clarendon for the bit about Mushroom Men. Another exciting article!

UGO has written one of the best articles we’ve yet seen for Mushroom Men.

1Up says this about Mushroom Men:

The other big hit of the night was Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, which releases in November. The game’s biggest fan was likely Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s son Michael, who could not put the game down — and he’s only four years old!

Nintendo Power staged an event in New York City over the weekend in support of the Startlight Foundation. They showed off a lot of upcoming games including Mushroom Men. Kotaku was there, giving Mushroom Men a try.

Infendo wrote up a whole slew of impressions of many games at the event, including Mushroom Men.

We expect news to come out of the game sites and blogs like G4, IGN, GoNintendo, Infendo, WiiFanboy, and our other favorite sites (too many to list). But a wonderful side-effect of building our universe on a basis of real-world floral, fauna and fungi is that we occasionally find articles about our games on totally non-game-related sites like AlabamaMycologist. I particularly like how the experts at sites like this pick up on certain inaccuracies such as the fact that our hero Pax is a bolete mushroom “with gills, rather than tubes.” Sometimes art outweighs truth, I guess. At the resolution available to the Nintendo Wii, the slivers of gills offer a lot more visual fun than the tiny, spongy surface on the underside of an actual Boletus mushroom cap.

MTV Multiplayer posted a brief article about how Les Claypool’s children were a strong motivating factor on his work for Mushroom Men. We owe those kids a great debt of gratitude.

Download the PDF to get the full interactive experience, but here’s the page with PlayZine’s write-up on Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars.

Grab the entire issue in PDF form here:

Mushroom Men has been compared favorably to some pretty cool stuff: Oddworld; The Force Unleashed and other top titles. But this article at Edge is the first we’ve seen that brings up legendary B-movie director Ed Wood. Another compliment, I’d say.

X-Play interviewed Designer Ryan Mattson about Mushroom Men a while back.

We’ve been posting a lot of articles about the Wii version (Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars), but don’t forget that there’s also a DS version, a completely unique and stand-alone adventure called Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi. Serving as a prequel of sorts, Rise of the Fungi establishes the climate of the mushroom world in the early days after the meteor fell. In it, you play as one of three character archetypes with RPG-lite mechanics and stats that allow you to totally customize your little mushroom dude to your play style. Rise of the Fungi is getting some good press, as well, such as this preview at ds fanboy.

Someone on the EuroGamer forums posits that Mushroom Men might be a contender for game of the year on the Nintendo Wii. We sure hope so! That would be sweet! Sound off at the EuroGamer forums if you agree.

Infendo Includes Mushroom Men as one of their top picks for the upcoming holiday season.

Topping the list is Adam Sessler’s enthusiastic floor report of Mushroom Men (and other Gamecock titles).


Game Vortex saw the DS and Wii versions of Mushroom Men at PAX.

BlogCritics Gaming reporter Brian Szabelski got his hands on Mushroom Men and has this to say about it:

It might not be the biggest Wii release this holiday season, but there is a good chance it could be the best.

4 color rebellion enjoys the 50’s-era pulp Sci-Fi feel of Mushroom Men.

Destructoid is offering up a kick-ass bass guitar signed by Les Claypool himself and other great Mushroom Men prizes to the best Mushroom Men diorama. See details at their site.

GoNintendo picked up the story, too. I like the comments on their site. Glad someone realized that we’re really interested in sparking creativity.

Jake at 8Bit Joystick shares his thoughts about his experience with Mushroom Men at PAX 08.

GameTrailers watched Producer Chad Barron play through Mushroom Men at PAX last week. Here’s what they saw:


JohnnyV at WiiBlog likes Mushroom Men and linked to some videos that helped sell him on Mushroom Men.

GoNintendo has always been very supportive of Mushroom Men.

Chris Kohler at the Wired Blog speaks highly of Mushroom Men.

The last thing I expected to say while playing Mushroom Men was, “Wow, this is what Force Unleashed should have been like.”

Fast Forward Weekly includes Mushroom Men in a list of games “worthy of anticipation.”

I’m not sure if this is a good article or not. My German is a little rusty, but it seems positive.

ScrewAttack interviewed Producer Chad Barron during PAX. See those two minutes here:

August 2008

The first posts from reviewers and bloggers at PAX 08 are already online.


Brad Gallaway speaks well of Mushroom Men in his Drinking Coffeecola blog.

GameZone got their hands on the game at PAX, too. Sounds like they had a good time.

We showed up on IGN’s Most Popular Wii list today. That’s exciting! I hope we stay up there for a while.

Worth Playing reports on Gamecock’s lineup for PAX this year.

The N+ Blog has some nice words to say about Mushroom Men.

GameRadio interviewed Mike Wilson of Gamecock about what they’re doing as a publisher, including a brief mention of Mushroom Men.

Kotaku posted the new Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi trailer for DS.


MCV reports how you can win your very own copies of Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi (DS) or Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Wii) as well as some of the sweet concept art.

Several sites picked up the news about the results of the Mushroom Men fanfic contest at Space Squid.


This one is a lot of fun. It features Pax, the hero of the Wii version (Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars) playing the DS version (Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi).


Other sites picked up the feed and commented, as well.

Games Radar recently listed Top 10 Reasons to Stay Loyal to Nintendo. Amongst those reasons: us!

Infendo points out the bit that made us smile.

Game Informer got a chance to player through some of Mushroom Men recently. Read their thoughts on the experience.

WiiHD has a blurb about Mushroom Men.

I like how Wii Fanboy describes Mushroom Men’s almost absolute lack of any on-screen HUD elements. It’s something we decided very early on in production. Since Mushroom Men occurs in such a fantastic world, we didn’t want to cover it up with health bars and weapon icons and status messages. We love it when people notice and appreciate the little details.


Nintendo’s casual-centric E3 showing this year caught some flak from hard-core gamers. Stephen Munn at Aeropause counters by explaining that there are at least twelve titles for the hard-core gamers out there to look forward to on the Wii. Included: Mushroom Men and Ghostbusters.

GamesRadar is hosting a contest for Mushroom Men where you can prove to the world that Mushroom Men really exist!

To get things kicked off, they’ve also linked to Tater’s Blog, a must-see for Mushroom Men enthusiasts. gives a first-look preview of Mushroom Men for the Wii. This is one of my favorite previews so far. Being mentioned amongst such powerhouses as Ninja Scroll and Watership Down gives me goosebumps.

Gamecock has released a short documentary about how Les Claypool’s music is upping the ante on the play experience in Mushroom Men. Matt Piersall of Gl33k explains it all.



IGN got their hands on Mushroom Men. Here’s what they think of it so far:


Check out the sweet trailer we put together for E3!


July 2008

Canada’s largest urban weekly paper Straight lists Mushroom Men among the games they’re looking forward to on the Wii.

At E3 last week, the Zentendo staff saw Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars for the Wii. See what they have to say about it.

News hit the wire today about all the little bells and whistles that are rewarded to those of you who pre-order Mushroom Men for the Wii and DS.


Lynxara at OMG Nintendo likes Mushroom Men. My favorite quote in this article listing their top 11 games for the Nintendo consoles shown at E3 this year:

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars brings a real sense of wonder back into platforming in much the same way Super Mario Galaxy did, by bothering to construct a world worth exploring and a character who’s fun to explore it with.

The organizers of the Independent Games Festival have announced the nine winners of the Austin GDC IGF Showcase, picking the very best examples of ‘local flavor’ in terms of indie games from Austin and the Southern U.S. to be exhibited at the Austin Game Developers Conference from September 15th to 17th.

Mainstream music sites perk up when they hear about Les Claypool jamming in Mushroom Men’s soundtrack. Matt Simmons at Zentendo lists Mushroom Men among his favorites from E3 this year.

The Escapist interviewed Lead Designer Ryan Mattson at E3 last week. Their video is on-line now!

The multimedia blog PopMatters mentions how Les Claypool’s musical support for Mushroom Men is interesting.

Platformer Update also has us on their radar.

OMG Nintendo is looking forward to Mushroom Men, as well.

Aeropause wrote up an extensive preview.

Blogger Guy Chapman pontificates on Nintendo’s coming holiday season, and he points to us as a highly-anticipated boost for Nintendo’s third-party development. We won’t let you down, Guy.

DSFanboy got their hands on Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi.

News about Mushroom Men continues to spread.

GameTrailers posted our latest trailer: Birth of a Hero.


And the internets are all abuzz!

411Mania got their hands on a copy of Mushroom Men DS. Here are their impressions of the game:

1Up just posted a new preview about Mushroom Men that describes our game quite well.

GoNintendo is also looking forward to the game. Thanks GoNintendo!

Nintendo Fan Alliance just posted their Top 25 list of Wii Exclusive games, including Mushroom Men.

Our press release earlier this week is making the rounds all over the internets.


On a recent press tour, Chad Barron and Ryan Mattson spoke to several members of the media, including’s Nintendo reporter. The interview focuses primarily on Mushroom Men, but there’s a little blurb about Ghostbusters, as well.

Other sites, like Nintendo World Report, expressed their enthusiasm for the game.

In a new article, MTV Multiplayer got to see the latest build of Mushroom Men on the Wii and took particular notice of how our engine’s metronome system that makes the music not just background but an integral part of the gameplay experience.

In addition to the big press release about Mushroom Men DS yesterday, a bunch of new screenshots and backstory for the Wii went out, too.




And this is interesting: We’re mentioned briefly in an article in the Austin American-Statesman as an exception to the current trend of office vacancies in Austin. Doesn’t really say much about the studio, but it’s cool to be mentioned in a non-game-related story.

The press release about Mushroom Men DS’s release date was carried by some of our favorite sites.

May 2008

That Video Game Blog got an exclusive visit with publisher Gamecock and gave some hands-on feedback.

A new interview with CEO/Creative Director Dan Borth just hit Games Radar.


Game Daily included Mushroom Men in their list of exciting upcoming games for 2008.

WiiFanboy posted a brief but enthusiastic write-up of the new Behind the Scenes trailer released earlier in the week.


Here’s another new article that posted today on MTV.

Here’s an article that came from Gamecock’s EIEIO 08 that I missed when it first appeared on the internets. It’s really quite good.

Check out Gamecock’s Behind The Scenes vignette at GameTrailers!


Gamecock released the box art for both versions of Mushroom Men.

April 2008

Warik at Typing Loudly gets Mushroom Men. We love it when people understand what we’re doing here.

Do you know what a whamola is? Les Claypool does. So does Kevin Barnett.

Gamasutra just posted an interview with Red Fly’s CEO and Creative Director Dan Borth.

The results of Chad’s trip out to California last week continue to show up across various sites, and the recent announcement of Les Claypool’s involvement in the project has introduced our games to an entirely different set of fans! GoNintendo refers to a 1UP article with enthusiasm.

The aforementioned 1UP article.

Our friends at Random Encounters commented on our latest press release.

As mentioned previously, Les Claypool’s involvement in the project is bringing us to the attention of an entirely new fan base. Revolt Music Magazine reported the news.

As did the Stranded in Stereo blog.

Gamervision’s posted their interview with Chad on episode 10 of their SomethingCast podcast.

GamesRadar gives their positive hands-on report.


IGN got their hands on this early version of the game, too. It’s good to hear that all the concerns of the reviewers are issues we’re already working to address before release.


Destructoid seems pretty jazzed about the Les Claypool news, too.

Speaking of Destructoid, how did I miss these great previews last month?

March 2008

QuickJump shows our latest Mushroom Men trailer.


Durffen over at Wii Live asked us some questions. We answered.


X-Play’s feature on Mushroom Men aired last night on G4TV.


Wes at Random Encounters understands what we’re doing here. And thanks for this, too. Very spot-on!


X-Play ran a segment on G4TV last night about Gamecock’s exciting EIEIO 08 extravaganza. Mushroom Men is featured throughout!


CEO Dan Borth and Producer Chad Barron gave the following interview to NintendoWiiFanboy during EIEIO 08.


InsideAmazon opens their extensive coverage of EIEIO 08 with Mushroom Men.


We especially like the support of all our blogger fans out there, even if it’s just a brief note to let us know what you think of the games. (Especially if you like them!)


All the haters sound off on Kotaku’s comments section.


I have no idea what this says.


Gamers Info reported from EIEIO, as well.


Seamanticks reports on Mushroom Men from EIEIO 08.


1Up did a brief write-up on the game.


I’ve always enjoyed Destructoid’s coverage of our games.

dest.gif gives their impression of Mushroom Men DS.


Wii Fanboy wrote up a nice article, as well.


An interesting detail about this article at is that it was linked to on a PS3 blog site (PS3 Game Players), and we’re not even shipping on the PS3!

IGN posted articles on both the DS and Wii versions of Mushroom Men.

ign_logo.gif ign_logo.gif

GamesRadar just posted a comprehensive write-up of the demo of Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi that they saw at EIEIO 08.


GameTrailers has posted several new videos from EIEIO showing Lead Programmer Kain Shin play the game as Lead Designer Ryan Mattson narrates.


One of the first write-ups of Mushroom Men from Gamecock’s EIEIO event hit today on GameDaily.

My Wii News has posted a nice recap of all the Mushroom Men details that have been released thus far.


I can’t tell if The Tanooki likes us or not. 😉
Kotaku’s initial write-up on the EIEIO event is nice.


IGN got the exclusive for our Mushroom Men “Here Wii Come” trailer.

We’re happy to see that Wiifanboy really understands what we’re doing.


February 2008

Planet Wii anticipates Mushroom Men to be a sleeper hit.

A lot of people are still enthusiastically awaiting the release of Mushroom Men.

IGN just posted our trailer for Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi for Nintendo DS.


January 2008

We’re honored to be recognized as a potential hit in this upcoming year.

Next Generation lists Mushroom Men amongst the highly anticipated Wii games for 2008.

We made their DS list, too.

November 2007

Gaming Today recognizes Mushroom Men’s potential for quirkiness.

deeko! News saw the trailer, too. Their enthusiasm is appreciated.


Aeropause wrote up a nice evaluation of the new Mushroom Men Trailer.

The latest trailer for Mushroom Men is posted on Gamespot.

September 2007

We chatted with the guys at Siliconera. Enjoy!

Check out the interview at Total Gamer Zone.

Codename Revolution mentions us in their Top 10 Wii titles to look forward too in 2008 roundup.


August 2007

This is an extension of the trailer we put together for Gamecock’s EIEIO extravaganza. Check out the exclusive at Gametrailers.

Mushroom Men Trailer

Destructoid always gives good coverage.


There’s some very exciting user feedback at the NeoGAF forums

Wiifanboy seems enthusiastic.


Here’s a note on Wired’s Blog.

Kotaku mentioned it as well.


July 2007 – EIEIO

Gamecock’s Expo for Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original (EIEIO) allowed us to show off our concept art and little snippets of super-secret gameplay footage to a bunch of press guys. Some of them wrote about it. Click the links below to see: PSIllustrated wrote up a nice little piece about us.


Gamespy had some things to say.


GameTrailers actually pointed a camera at designer Ryan Mattson for a live interview.


Joystiq states their impressions.

Wired is interested.

GamersHell’s coverage is succinct.

1Up wrote up a nice little piece.

GamersInfo wrote up a little blurb.

We were glad to have IGN visit to see our demo.


We even got a little mention in USA Today. In the print edition, my favorite of Frank’s concept pieces is the primary image for the article.

Gamepro magazine ran a little feature about the Mushroom Men races.

Gamespot enjoyed the demos they saw.

And on ZDNet’s article about EIEIO, Chad and Ryan speak extensively about Gamecock and how we’re able to produce such an unusual title as Mushroom Men for the unusual publisher.

We got a brief mention on G4TV’s report on Gamecock.


Destructoid writer Fronz visited us at EIEIO and had nice things to say.


Game Almighty was one of the first sites to post.


May 2007 – Previews

Pocket Gamer remains skeptical.


April 2007 – Previews

We got a our first little bit of internet press via an interview with Firing Squad.


February 2007 – Announcement

Xbox 360 Fanboy was one of the first sites to pick up Gamecock’s press release about Mushroom Men.


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