Prepping a basic guide for using the Infernal Engine, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

I’ll be heading down to Austin in a couple of weeks, so I’m putting together some documentation for people who have never used my engine. Until now, most of us who have been using the Infernal Engine’s Dante editor participated in some way in the creation of the tool itself. We could safely take it for granted that people knew what they were doing. But I’m taking the engine to a whole new group of people who have never seen it before, so I’ve got to think like a noob and write the doc from the perspective of a Dante virgin.

Hello world!

December 13, 2006

This is Jeff Mills, Director of Production at Red Fly Studio. We are about to begin production on a unique new game for the Nintendo Wii and DS. The next two years are going to be exciting, scary and fun. So far, we are a small team of artists, programmers and designers whose paths have crossed and criss-crossed throughout the last decade in this industry. Now, we’re finally all in sync and working together, living out the dream of virtually everyone in this video game industry: Starting up our own studio to make our own game. Check back often!
Red Fly Studio