USA Today posted a very positive review of Mushroom Men.

Gamespy’s review of Mushroom Men for the Wii is quite positive.

Frank Teran spoke at length with Katrina at Mixed Bag Musing about the birth and development of Mushroom Men.

kat_2 featured a great preview of Ghostbusters, giving equal time to the next-gen and Wii versions.

Louis Bedigian at GameZone has nice things to say about Mushroom Men. He ranks us at a 7.6 out of 10, about the same as most other reviews.

GoNintendo points out one of the best lines from the review.

Causing a stir on

December 16, 2008

Mushroom Men is showing up in various lists on today. It’s the number 2 Party/Adventure game and number 8 overall in hot new releases. And the customer reviews speak for themselves.



Fan review: Mushroom Men

December 15, 2008

We love to hear what the true fans think about the game. arhivesweblog

We’re honored to be selected as ScrewAttack as their Pick of the Week last week.


Atari has released an extensive playthrough video narrated by Creative Lead Dustin Dobson showing off a lot of the neat features specific to the Wii version. Watch it on Gamereactor. gamereactor

I’m very pleased that Boing Boing’s Offworld site picked up the story, as well.



/gamer also picked up the story, adding their own commentary which is quite favorable.
gr_popular Mushroom Men is causing a stir over at GameRankings today. The first few reviews are in, and except for the negative reviews from GameInformer and 1UP dropping the overall average score, the critics are enjoying the game.

So far, half of the reviews are in the 80% range. My fingers are crossed that more reviewers agree.