Tom East at the UK Nintendo Official Magazine has glowing words to say about Mushroom Men!

“There’s not mushroom for improvement here”


thundrebolt Thunderbolt Games and Hooked Gamers had a pretty good time with Mushroom Men.


Tim McDonald at IncGamers got his hands on Ghostbusters for the Wii and enjoyed it.

Now that the Mushroom Men have spread their spores world-wide, we’re getting a whole new batch of reviews in. Some, like Mike “Two Tone” McConnell’s write-up for Digital Entertainment News and Darren Calvert’s review at NintendoLife, offer some praise. But even the most dour reviews (I’m looking at you Nick Adams of TVG) aren’t as generous, but they tend to be just as thorough in their analysis of the title and cannot avoid pointing out the many shining points of the game and its stunning landscapes and outstanding audioscape. den

nintendolife tvg

escapist_marchmayhemVote for Red Fly Studio in the North Division. We’re up against Lionhead, so if you really enjoyed Mushroom Men and are looking forward to Ghostbusters and our other titles in development, go vote. Go vote! Tell your friends to vote, too. đŸ˜‰

Go here to register if you haven’t already. escapist
Matthew Reynolds at Digital Spy UK appreciates the aesthetics of our first title. digitalspy
alber at The Wii Genius talks about his experience busting ghosts. wiigenius

Les elaborated on some of the tracks he wrote for Mushroom Men and included them in his latest album, Of Fungi And Foe. It’s available March 17th!

In her review of Mushroom Men, Katrina “ShadokatRegn” Pawlowski speaks very favorably of our freshman effort. She awards us the Golden Billy!cooptimus

Kyle Orland at Crispy Gamer takes us through the first hour of Mushroom Men, minute-by-minute, making a very comprehensive review of the foundation elements of the game. crispygamer3
And as always, GoNintendo can be counted on to keep their eyes out for news like this. We appreciate your unflagging enthusiasm! reports that Mushroom Men is finally crossing the pond for a European release later this month.