Another level review

May 29, 2008

Another level review, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

We’re shipping a milestone at the end of this week, so we’re paying a lot of attention to the new levels that are being introduced this month.

On the big screen

Our media room is set up like a living room, so our playtesting experience closely matches how the end user will play the game. Plus, it’s comfy.

Andrew Clark at The Wiire breaks it down properly, actually mentioning our half of the upcoming Ghostbusters title. Seems like the Xbox360 and PS3 version have been getting all the love lately.

Oh, and he posted this image as part of the article. It made me laugh because it is awesome.

Art review

May 27, 2008

Art review, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

Environment Lead Johari Templin and Art Lead Will Kier review an early iteration of a Mushroom Men level with Producer Chad Barron.

That Video Game Blog got an exclusive visit with publisher Gamecock and gave some hands-on feedback.

Looking over the past couple of weeks, there hasn’t been much other than press links on the blog, so I’m digging back through some photos from the studio’s flickr stream to show what we’re up to here at the studio.

Gaming during lunch

One of the best parts about working in this industry is the fact that for most of us, games are a hobby, anyway. We’re getting paid to do what we enjoy doing. So during lunch, we’ll sit in the rec room and see what’s new on Xbox live or sometimes go totally retro and bust out an old-fashioned board game. There’s a lot to be learned from tried-and-true games, regardless of their physicality or theme. It’s our job to make something that people have fun playing, so we take our own play time quite seriously.

Board games

Though sometimes, it is fun and games. Dustin brought up his ping pong table, and a surprising percentage of the studio is remarkably adept at the game on both a mechanical and psychological level.

Ping pong!

But making video games isn’t just fun all the time. There’s a lot of planning and actual work involved, for sure.

Small group meeting

Our new studio has a lot of places to sit down and discuss upcoming tasks and further develop our art, scripting and programming pipelines.

Weekly Mushroom Men Leads meeting

Ghostbuster team meeting

And then, after all that, there’s lots of work to be done (though photos of people sitting quietly at their desks absorbed by their creative pursuits aren’t necessarily very exciting on the blog).

Back to work

A new interview with CEO/Creative Director Dan Borth just hit Games Radar.


Game Daily included Mushroom Men in their list of exciting upcoming games for 2008.

Here’s an article that came from Gamecock’s EIEIO 08 that I missed when it first appeared on the internets. It’s really quite good.

And here’s another new article that posted today on MTV.

WiiFanboy posted a brief but enthusiastic write-up of the new Behind the Scenes trailer released earlier in the week.


Check out Gamecock’s Behind The Scenes vignette at GameTrailers!


It’s always cool to see how interested people are in the game. We’re making enough ripples on a site the size of Gamespot to show up in the daily report of highest user activity, and we’re in very good company up there!