vgchartz In addition to the positive words of reviewer Daniel Share-Strom at VGChartz, check out the first week of Ghostbusters sales. Between our version and TRI’s HD version, Ghostbusters is topping the charts!


Game Knights’ Kwing produced an extensive video review of Ghostbusters the Videogame for the Wii. Enjoy it on You Tube. gameknights
nintendolife Scott Bartle at Nintendo Life ranks Ghostbusters for the Wii 8 out of 10 saying:

“Ghostbusters: The Video Game is without a doubt the best attempt at capturing the thrill of the movies in digital form to date and a real service to fans who grew up watching the films and cartoons.”

User Interface decisions

June 25, 2009

User Interface decisions, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

Developing video games is an effort of constant iteration and improvement. Our project for Namco, Cook or Be Cooked, is no exception. Since the game relies heavily on its pointer- and gesture-driven interface, presenting options and controls to the player in a clear, concise manner is of the utmost importance.

Katrina “ShadokatRegn” Pawlowski posted her review of Ghostbusters Wii on Co-Optimus, a site dedicated to multiplayer gaming. Our version of the game scored quite well, earning a 5 out of 5 rating.

Tony Capri at Cheat Code Central enjoyed his time among the “boys in beige.”

“”On the whole, Ghostbusters is an impressive production most fans should eat up.

Dan Schoening is a very good artist. Recently, it has come to our attention that he was left out of the credits for Ghostbusters Wii.

Dan does some really kick ass art that can be found on this site:

Several people have emailed our site saying we stole this and that from Dapper Dan but we’ve made it a point to engage and appease him several times.

While it is true his name got left off the credits for Ghostbusters Wii. It wasn’t malicious or intentional – it just happened. The credit list was very long and convoluted since Sony, Vivendi (now Activision-Blizzard), and Atari had to come before us.

So we are putting up this blog entry to say:

“Dan, we are sorry you were left out of the credits. Your fan art inspired us to make a game that people are responding well to. We want to thank you and recognize your talent and contribution to the process.”

– Dan Borth CEO Red Fly Studio

Dustin Chadwell at Gaming Age wrapped all of his Ghostbusters reviews into one, giving high praise to both versions of the game.

Jake Metcalf of 8BitJoystick praises Ghostbusters. As a child of the 80’s (like most of us who developed the game) he was a huge Ghostbusters fan from the very beginning, but he notes:

“Even if you’d don’t know or don’t like the Ghostbusters there still is a pretty good game here.”


GameZone’s review is shiny and encouraging.

“This title will be considered one of the better games for the Nintendo Wii.”


Marc Normandin at had a great time playing Ghostbusters on his Wii. And instead of comparing the Wii’s graphics to that of its sibling Xbox360/PS3 version, he focuses on what’s important and unique to the Ghostbusters experience on the Wii.


“Well, if you’ve ever wanted to strap on a proton pack… the Wii Remote is the closest you are going to get.”

CHUD likes Ghostbusters

June 20, 2009

Alex Riviello from CHUD really enjoyed his experience with the Wii version of Ghostbusters. chud

It’s fun for the whole family…


While maceman at generally enjoyed Mushroom Men, his one complaint was that it was too easy for a “hardcore” gamer.

Outblush, a shopping weblog for women, speaks highly of Ghostbusters for the Wii.