We got a room upgrade.

July 27, 2007

We got a room upgrade., originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

Swanky digs for day 2 at the Guildhall.

At the Guildhall again.

July 26, 2007

At the Guildhall again., originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

On the lookout for some rising young stars.

Impromptu design meeting

July 24, 2007

Impromptu design meeting, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

The great Combo Debate. How complex should melee combat be? Stay tuned for the results!

I particularly like how divided the two camps are: combo vs. no-combo.


July 20, 2007

Research, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

Will brought in a copy of Microcosmos as Mushroom Men inspiration.

More design

July 19, 2007

More design, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

New level designers pitch in to discuss core game design.

Design in progress

July 18, 2007

Design in progress, originally uploaded by Red Fly Studio.

New scripter Damien DiFede discusses enhancements to his level with designer Ryan Mattson. Behind Damien is our newest scripter, John Kelly. Welcome aboard, John. In the back is Bob Frye, slamming through a list of character models as fast as he can.

Gamecock’s Expo for Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original (EIEIO) allowed us to show off our concept art and little snippets of super-secret gameplay footage to a bunch of press guys. Some of them wrote about it. Click the links below to see:

GameTrailers actually pointed a camera at designer Ryan Mattson for a live interview.


Joystiq states their impressions.

Wired is interested.

GamersHell’s coverage is succinct.

1Up wrote up a nice little piece.

GamersInfo wrote up a little blurb.

We were glad to have IGN visit to see our demo.


We even got a little mention in USA Today. In the print edition, my favorite of Frank’s concept pieces is the primary image for the article.

Gamepro magazine ran a little feature about the Mushroom Men races.

Gamespot enjoyed the demos they saw.

And on ZDNet’s article about EIEIO, Chad and Ryan speak extensively about Gamecock and how we’re able to produce such an unusual title as Mushroom Men for the unusual publisher.

We got a brief mention on G4TV’s report on Gamecock.


Destructoid writer Fronz visited us at EIEIO and had nice things to say.


Game Almighty was one of the first sites to post.


Last updated: Tuesday, July 17

07-10-07_1742.jpg, originally uploaded by rmattson.

Our representatives Ryan Mattson and Chad Barron are out at the Hotel California for Gamecock’s EIEIO extravaganza. (For more, check out this article at Kotaku.)

Love them or hate them (and you have to do exactly one or the other) Gamecock generally stirs things up throughout the gaming industry. The fact that they swept through the internet scooping up every reasonable domain name including the word “Gamecock” just goes to show the depth of their sanity and cunning. )